FRANCESCA ZALTIERI / Brussels, Belgium

"My programme is the challenge of globalisation".

A "discovery" campaign aimed at promoting the person, before the political figure, of Francesca Zaltieri for the run-up to the European elections in 2013; a campaign based on telling the moral values of the party she represents.

A manifesto that, with its #Branding project, is declined on/off-line through a calendar of face-to-face meetings centred on the articulated political disclosure project for which G-Design® conceived and planned the #ContentStrategy.

The objective? That of leading to the discovery of the candidate for the important role called upon to play in Europe, through his projects to relaunch the country and the National Extra System that we have outlined through a simple and immediate #GraphicDesign.

"The great challenge that I propose to undertake has a few programmatic points, not at all complicated and unattainable, which are based on abstract concepts and not for everyone. My programme, in line with the project drawn up by the Democratic Party for the European elections on 25 May, is the challenge to globalisation, the effects of which we can touch on a daily basis in their dramas, but also in their wealth of opportunities."

These are the words of Francesca Zaltieri to share and describe her European Renaissance project.

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