GIALLOZUCCA / Mantua, Italy

"Passion for food, the pleasure of being together"

Giallozucca is pure passion, it is love for the raw material with respect for tradition but open to modernity.

It reflects the spirit of Maurizio, the discreet, elegant and affable owner, but certain of his choices and of every proposal that, however risky, is always unquestionably sublime. Instinct and passion turn dreams into reality, giving shape to this little jewel hidden in the streets of Mantua's historic centre.

For us at G-Design®, Giallozucca has often been a place of inspiration and meditation, where by chance ideas became solutions to questions we did not yet know we had.

Precisely for this reason, with a profound spirit of friendship, we have tried to interpret the soul of this restaurant by sewing onto it the graphic design of its menus with a strongly identifiable #GraphicDesign.

And we must have succeeded if the menus have not changed since then (not the dishes though; those change every month)!

These are the areas in which we have acted!


graphic design

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All credits to the owners
where mentioned.