IL GALIARDO / Mantova, Italy

"The first (and the last) Universitary Association in Mantova!"

The foundation of the “Il Galiardo” University Association arises from the need to concretize the theoretical knowledge of young people, in order to give opportunities for personal expressive growth, with the consequent breaking down of today’s stereotypes and the awareness of their potential and own identity.

The project is aimed at involving students and youth associations in the creation of a “final product” that enhances creativity, technological and design skills acquired both in the chosen educational training path and in extra-curricular areas. With the involvement of youths and youth associations in the project, “the Galiardo” intends to realize this event to create a connection between study and profession, coagulating different disciplines among themselves.

A creative laboratory in which the University Student is not simple gear but an active and proactive part with the aim of recreating that cultural ferment typical of a City of University tradition.

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@Mantova Creativa

Territory, creativity, the business world and young talents are the protagonists of the Event. And connecting the business world with the world of creativity is the mission of Mantova Creativa: to build a platform on which creativity and business find a meeting point to define a contemporary and innovative vision of doing. The same choice of the theme "connectivity" for the second edition - which took place from 24 to 27 May 2012 - defines a line that combines heterogeneous experiences in the construction of a relationship between the creative world and important productive realities. It is from this intuition that projects are born aimed at connecting designers, students and artists with companies of national and international importance such as Abici, Agape, Berman, Lubiam, Marcegaglia, Piaggio and Seletti to name a few.The Event is therefore intended as a showcase for the contemporary world. In this sense the second edition of Mantova Creativa has opened the participation to extra muros artists and twinning projects with similar international realities.For the "il Galiardo" event he organized the "Art Party" whose "keywords" dealt entirely with the theme of art: Art, Creativity, Creativity, Eccentricity, Madness, Genius.A way to bring all the creativity possible through: Writer, Breaker, Parcour and Body Painting!


MUSSt wants to contribute to creating and strengthening a stable and continuous contact between the Mantua university system and the realities of the territory (Bodies and associations) starting from the implementation of the offer of services to students to favor their use in an integrated and transversal way by of the students of all the universities present in Mantua.To achieve its objective, the project aims to promote the participation of students from the Mantuan university system in the life of the city both as users of services and opportunities and as actors in initiatives and proposals and to use the web and new technologies as a tool for developing services and optimizer for their use

il Galiardo lifestyle

"The goliardia is the traditional spirit that animates the student communities, especially universities, where the need for study is accompanied by the taste for transgression, the search for irony, the pleasure of company and adventure.The connotative traits of the phenomenon are common to several Italian groups, but they are also similar to other European and US organizations.The word "goliardo" or, better, "goliarda", is often considered the contraction of "Golia Abelardo". It is actually a cast from the French "goliard", which means "having to do with Goliath, follower of Goliath" (modeled on "montaigne"> "montagnard"). Goliath is the way in which he was nicknamed Pietro Abelardo, a contradictory character, prelate and intellectual, who lived in the twelfth century, founder of this movement and lifestyle and intellectual adversary of San Bernardo da Chiaravalle.From the Middle Ages there is also a goliardic strand in literature, which had its best exponent in Cecco Angiolieri.Goliardic poetry was a natural expression of the spirit of a tavern or dormitory."Goliardico" is also an adjective, which can also be used outside the context overwritten, in fact any behavior in which there are joking and irreverent components on the edge of the sneer can be defined as such. "Wikipedia exhaustively defines the spirit that animates the association "the Galiardo", a spirit that condenses culture, entertainment, sarcasm, university commitment and ambitions.

Meet Me Tonight

MEETmeTONIGHT is the Researchers' Night in Lombardy, an initiative promoted by the European Commission which involves researchers and research institutions from all European countries every year.An event that will take place on the night of September 28th.MEETmeTONIGHT for this edition already has a rich and articulated calendar of initiatives that will take place in: Milan, Brescia, Como, Cremona, Lecco, Lodi, Mantova, Pavia.The promoters of the initiative are the Polytechnic of Milan, the University of Milan and the University of Milan Bicocca.The event is made possible thanks to the contribution, in addition to the European Commission, also of the Lombardy Region, of the Cariplo Foundation and thanks to the work of the numerous partners involved in the whole region.

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