"Discovering the new face of Mantua."

Mantua is the homeland for most of the G-Design® Team, which is why we always take it very seriously when it comes to telling the stories of the area.

This is not the first time we have dealt with politics and, between us, we hope it won't be the last either!

In this case history we tell you about the #Branding path we have studied for the message of the Cambia Mantova Mantua Political Movement and which image, among the various possible ones, we have sewn onto it.

If in some ways the #ContentStrategy was rather easy to devise as it adhered to the manifesto and its values, the approach to the visual part was different: we took inspiration from the US-style Republican model from which the movement was inspired, to give an idea of novelty in a rather traditionalist political context.

Icons, graphic elements with 'arrows' as a synonym of change, pictograms with 'echoes' and colours with a strong contrast but immediately readable; with this #GraphicDesign the political project Mantova Cambia Mantova ran at the 2014 Mantua Administrative elections.

And now, may the best win!

These are the areas in which we have acted!


graphic design


content strategy



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