ITALIAN FORMAT / Mantua, Italy

"There is never a second chance for a first good impression."

Italian Format was born from an idea that encompasses a profound awareness that in the Italian panorama freelance consultants who know how to help candidates present themselves at a job interview in the only way that suits the occasion: the right way.

And to do things the right way, Italian Format selected the G-Design® team to study the #Branding with which to present itself to the market and, after a careful analysis of the reference competitors, our #GraphicDesign proposals convinced the Management, which chose a linear, modern style with well-defined and direct forms.

A style that fully expresses the essence, which presents itself without too many turns of phrase or presentations, clarity of intent with a very precise focus: training for the managerial class of the future.

These are the areas in which we have acted!


graphic design


brand identity

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